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Religious School

Welcome to RS year 2022-23!

What Makes the KM Religious School Different?

Gesher Program (ages 4-6)

It’s here! The early childhood program you have been looking for…Children 4-6 years can experience Jewish life, holidays, Torah stories and Hebrew, through art projects, games and play in a unique educational environment. This program is offered to all who wish to participate; no synagogue membership required. Please call (310) 829-0566 to find out more!


Religious School (2nd-7th Grade)
Step into our Religious School and you’ll not only know what “home” feels like, but you’ll see it in the smiles, hugs, fun, and laughter.

Our 2nd-7th Grade students are immersed in an “out of the box” approach to experiential education with top LA educators who bring their specific expertise along with their passion and love for Jewish teaching to our school programming.

Our students are active participants as they engage in Jewish studies, values and Hebrew through active learning experiences including; technology, games, computers, art, stations and centers, film, music, Hebrew Through Movement, drama, cooking, with a camp model approach to education.

Our school philosophy is to get the students up and out of their seats; if you were to walk into one of our classrooms you wouldn’t see any books, instead you would see students actively engaged, debating, going on adventures to learn history, creating art to connect with Torah, questioning, dissecting and discussing just about anything.

Students and families are excited to be at KM and enjoy participating B’Yachad “together” for family holiday programs, Social Action opportunities, Shabbat services & dinners which engage the entire family in lifelong learning, which we believe is core to the success of our program well beyond B’nai Mitzvah, while positive Jewish memories are cemented.

Post B’nai Mitzvah “Club” Teen program (8th-10th Grade)
Post B’nai Mitzvah students engage in current Hot Topics and Social Action projects while visiting museums and other Jewish destinations.
8th and 9th/10th Grade (Post B’nai Mitzvah Club).  This “Club” will be a safe ‘get-away’ for teens where they can relax with their Jewish friends and really connect.

Our teens bond, connect, discuss, laugh, eat, share and DO Social action.  Our teens voices and actions can make a difference in our world.

8th Grade:  Will have the privilege of creating their own “Hot Topics” curriculum guided by our facilitators and selecting their weekly dinner menu in a relaxed environment while delving into exciting Hot Topics.  Eating (whether on Zoom or in-person) and shmoozing are major components of our teen programming.

9th/10th Grade : Over the years we’ve examined various Hot Topics, discussed Jewish perspectives including the Conservative Jewish view, while looking at Jewish texts.  This year our class will lean on additional Hot Topics with who we are as Jews, how we are doing during this Global Pandemic, and what can we do now to take action.  As a class we will focus on relevant Hot Topics of our choosing and create a campaign for change.  We will actualize our conversations into action by researching social justice organizations currently operating to make change and discover how we as a Jewish community can help and support these causes. We are excited about taking your learning from last year, those discussions, and forming real action plans.

All High School students: (8th-10th Grade) – will go on exciting field trips, outings, sleepovers, Social Action visits, museum visits, and fun excursions.  I believe a few of you mentioned bringing back the KM Havdalah sleepover (up all night) for teens only.  I’m also hoping to get March of the Living and AIPAC on our upcoming teen Agenda.

The classroom dynamic is very open; our facilitators allow for free-flowing conversation while guiding – our teens are able to talk and debate with each other.  Every child’s opinion is welcome, validated and respected.  The atmosphere is relaxed and there is also plenty of time for schmoozing, catching up, relevant ice breakers that our teens will enjoy discussing. We keep our teen classes fun and engaging by bringing in current news topics and media clips that are happening on a weekly basis.