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Religious School

Welcome to RS year 2021-22!

Check out the welcome videos from our RS staff by clicking on the interactive bitmoji below and following the prompts:

What Makes the KM Religious School Different?

The emphasis of every learning experience at KM is “active learning” and “experiential”. Our school philosophy is to get the students up and out of their seats because through interactive experiences positive Jewish memories are cemented. Each student will grow to understand and appreciate their religion, culture, and place within our larger Jewish community.


The K-1 class bursts with activity and learning as students are introduced to the aleph bet, learning vocabulary and the ability to read and write their first Hebrew words! We experience Jewish holidays, Torah stories, while creating Jewish art to bring and use at home proudly. They learn through playing educational games- fishing for Hebrew alphabet fish, making, eating cheese cake for Shavuot, decorating umbrellas for Shemini Atzeret- there is always a constant array of  engaging projects weekly.


We recruit top LA educators who bring their specific expertise along with their passion and love for Jewish teaching to our out-of-the-box programming including; art, music, cooking & drama along with Jewish Studies.

If you were to walk into one of our classrooms you wouldn’t see any books, instead you would see technology, computers, learning stations, games, singing, film, art, and other interactive learning modalities.

Each year we revisit our curriculum and programming in order to keep our students engaged and excited about coming to school at KM. Gone are the days where you have to bring your child kicking and screaming. At KM, the students drag their parents to come back for more. Click here for what the kids have to say! 

Throughout our school year, students and their families will engage in family holiday programs, Social Action opportunities, Shabbat services & dinners, TOGETHER. These informal educational experiences engage the entire family in lifelong learning, which we believe is core to the success of our program.