Kehillat Ma'arav

1715 21st Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404 / (310) 829-0566


A Havurah is a circle of friends who come together as a small group within the larger synagogue family. Havurah, in Hebrew, literally means “a group of friends”. We at Kehillat Ma’arav believe that being in a Havurah is a way to feel warmth & support within a larger community and it helps make being part of a large congregation more intimate and personal.

Each Havurah chooses for itself its owns activities, but they all combine elements of social & religious functions: together they celebrate Holidays, life cycle events, attendance in synagogue, going to lectures, museums, theater, movies & many more varied & creative ideas.

If you know of a group of KM members with whom you wish to form a Havurah, or if you would like to join one, please call or email the synagogue office. They will inform the Havurah Committee who will find like-minded members to suit your individual needs.

We highly recommend to all our members to join a Havurah – it will make your KM experience an even more special one!