Kehillat Ma'arav

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Shabbat Services

Our current Shabbat services schedule:

Saturday Morning Services – weekly @ 10:00am
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First Friday night of the month Kabbalat Shabbat – @ 6:00pm

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The following information is the regular (non-COVID 19) scheduling for Shabbat programming:

Friday Nights / Kabbalat Shabbat

Join us to welcome with joy and new energy the beginning of Shabbat.

We sing Kabbalat Shabbat with piano accompaniment (before the Barchu). We pray with traditional and new readings. And we share a little nosh (so you can have dinner before or after).

First Friday night of each month, beginning at 6:30pm. You’ll be returning back home in an hour, re-Jew-venated!

Saturday Morning / Shabbat

Shabbat is the anchor of our community. A variety of activities highlight this special day of the week.

Every Saturday morning, beginning at 9:30 and concluding around 12:00, we enjoy a full traditional, but egalitarian, service. Members participate in a lively Torah discussion and may also lead portions of the service, chant a Haftarah or provide a scholarly discourse. We also honor our B’nai Mitzvah of all ages with the opportunity to lead services.

If you wish to participate in Shabbat services (receive an aliyah, perform the role of hagbah or g’lilah, open the ark, introduce a new prayer, give a d’var Torah or serve as an usher), contact the office and we’ll put you in touch with the Religious Practices Committee.

Specially scheduled Friday evening services, often followed by a festive Shabbat dinner and a themed program, usher in the beginning of Shabbat (keep an eye out in the calendar section of the KM website for announcements of these special events).

Children’s programming is available every Shabbat morning.

Following services on Saturday morning there is a kiddush. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the members of the congregation, our rabbi, and our Hazzan on a more intimate basis. Members take turns sponsoring the Kiddush to commemorate special occasions.

There are also opportunities to extend the Shabbat experience beyond the synagogue service. These gatherings have included a pot-luck Seudah Shlishit (third meal) and Study Sessions as well as Shabbat Study Groups after services.

Once a year, there is a Shabbaton for the entire congregation — a complete Shabbat celebration, often with special scholars-in-residence, beginning with Friday evening services and dinner, and continuing through Havdallah on Saturday evening. Not to be missed!!

Shabbat in 3-D

Occasionally we celebrate Shabbat morning in 3-D. The 3-D’s are Daven, Dine and D’rash (in English, that’s Worship, Food and Learning).

The regular Shabbat services are run at a slightly accelerated pace so that we have time for a learning session and a leisurely lunch. All are welcome. There is no charge.