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Initiatives for Israel

November 17, 2023

My Dear Congregants,

Having participated in the pro-Israel rally in Washington D.C. earlier in the week, I am evermore passionate in wanting to direct our congregational energies in support of various Israeli causes. Our synagogue’s planning meeting November 8, to coordinate and direct our support for Israel, was filled with great enthusiasm and focus. The result of that evening’s discussion honed in on three (3) specific initiatives:


1)     Direct Aid to Kibbutzim. Friends of Givat Haviva, a part of The Kibbutz Movement, has opened an emergency funding drive to immediately address the urgent needs of the kibbutzim that have been destroyed. Kehillat Ma’arav has committed to participating in these efforts, aiming to raise $100,000. Details on how to give toward this critical campaign will be sent via email and snail mail shortly. Until then, you can read more about the Emergency Appeal for Kibbutzim Near Gaza on JGIVE.     


2)  Single out and support an IDF platoon. Maman for Israel, a women-led aid organization in Los Angeles, is actively and fully coordinating with Israeli military to gather vital equipment for soldiers and civilians. With KM congregants acting as liaisons at both of our organizations (Prissi Cohen for KM and Adinah Finn for Maman), we will work together to purchase and package specific items to be delivered directly to Israel. Learn more about participating in this project here. You can also view videos from our “adopted platoons” here: https://vimeo.com/885821130?share=copy and https://vimeo.com/885821770?share=copy


3)  Advocacy, education and outreach. Like so many other synagogues around the country, we are compelled to advocate for the safety and support of Israel at the local, national, and state level. AIPAC has put together a user-friendly guide to facilitate calls of gratitude and appreciation for Members of Congress that have taken decisive action and continuing to stand with Israel. Each call only takes 2-3 minutes and is critical in maintaining unflagging support from officials. See AIPAC’s website. 

Our allegiance to Israel is everlasting, and Israel’s immediate needs will invariably require a sustained period of commitment. Listed above are only three (3) initiatives that we can implement now and will share additional relevant details of each on a regular basis. More opportunities will come in the weeks ahead.



Rabbi Michael Gotlieb

Other organizations to support:

Magen David Adom

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