Kehillat Ma'arav

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Sale of Chametz

To download a PDF of the authorization form click here.

Sale of Chametz Authorization 2021

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Rabbi Michael Gotlieb, Rabbi of Kehillat Ma'arav in Santa Monica, to sell on my behalf all of my chametz before the coming Passover, in accordance with prevalent Jewish custom, and in whatever manner he deems proper and effective. This authorization includes the sale of any and all chametz that is in my possession.Where possible I have provided a description of the chametz, its location(s) and estimated value. All of the aforesaid chametz it to be sold to an individual of the Rabbi's choosing during the time that it is still permitted to sell chametz. These transactions shall take effect on the morning of Friday, March 26th through the nightfall of Sunday, April 4th at the times defined by the Rabbi at the time of sale.